Kristina Pimenova (born December 27, 2005 in Moscow, Russia) is a talented Russian model and actress. She began modeling at the age of 3, doing catwalk and fashion shows. Kristina travels a lot & likes doing so.

Because of Emma Engle, she had me to feeling, I would be letting Everyone down, if I gave up on Eternal Vanity ... in her own kind way.
With that ... I've picked a group of People who (I feel) should get to together, even if in only thought, and lets All do the same idea, the idea's of Jesus Christ ... its Your Freewill ... there are few People I would tell Emma that she can Trust, You, Kristina are one of those People. Your Website I'm making a better template now, this will work and look real Nice :)

will be a page for links, instead of ... having links on the main page, (Lana Casey, Emma Engle, Maisie de-Krassel Team Up with Etrenal Vanity and Lead the Lead. I will with You All, but it's hard for one, to do alone, cant do it alone.

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